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Our volunteers assist in all of our programs and allow us to continue our mission of being a House of Hope for children in crisis.

Community weekly volunteers contribute at least 3 hours per week to assist the Casa de Esperanza staff with childcare, landscaping, maintenance and office duties.

Volunteers also support our programs through:

  • Casa de Esperanza’s Young Professionals Group
  • Casa de Esperanza’s Teen Group
  • Organizing a group activity in the Casa de Esperanza Neighborhood
  • Planning group projects and drives to obtain food, diapers and paper products.

Individual Volunteer Opportunities

Group Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Spotlight: Betty & Rita

"Last November, I celebrated 31 years as a weekly volunteer at Casa de Esperanza. While I heard about Casa de Esperanza twice from different friends and thought “I should look into this,” I finally realized I was being called when Kathy Foster spoke at our church and I was asked to introduce her. The very next day I contacted Casa de Esperanza and the rest is history.

I enjoy the interaction with the children. To see the look of fright in a child’s eyes when she/he first arrives at Casa de Esperanza be transformed into joy when they feel safe and loved and to be a small part of that transformation is heartwarming. The laughter in the neighborhood houses is contagious. I absolutely love to build with blocks and Legos with the children, even if the destruction of my creations soon follows!

I am also inspired by the house parents who selflessly give of themselves while providing love, food, and endless diaper changes for the children in their care. I like to clean and fold clothes so I can help shoulder their load a little.

For all these years Casa de Esperanza has kept to its mission to care for these vulnerable children, always putting them first. I am proud to say I am a small part of this organization. My friend and co-volunteer Rita Wearden, whom I met at Casa 28 years ago, and I wonder sometimes how long we will continue to volunteer. As long as we can still get up and down from the floor we hope to be at Casa weekly!" - Betty Key

"My relationship with Casa de Esperanza began when they were still located in Montrose, and after 29 years I still volunteer weekly in the Casa de Esperanza neighborhood. My initial reason to volunteer was to make a difference in the lives of the children who were in need of a safe environment. Looking back, I realize the children, Hands of Hope Interns, staff and other volunteers have made an amazing difference in my life. The children have made an imprint on my heart, the Hands of Hope Interns have opened my eyes to the good in our troubled world, and I have developed beautiful friendships.

My greatest lesson has been gratitude. I recognize that connection may come in forms and through people we least expect. Volunteering has challenged me to remain open to the surprising ways that God has entered my life." - Rita Wearden

Thank you Betty and Rita!