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Our volunteers assist in all of our programs and allow us to continue our mission of being a House of Hope for children in crisis.

Community weekly volunteers contribute at least 3 hours per week to assist the Casa de Esperanza staff with childcare, landscaping, maintenance and office duties.

Volunteers also support our programs through:
  • Casa de Esperanza’s Young Professionals Group
  • Organizing a group activity in the Casa de Esperanza Neighborhood
  • Planning group projects and drives to obtain food, diapers and paper products.
Individual Volunteer Opportunities
Group Volunteer Opportunities


2019 Volunteer Contributions 

  • 60 house volunteers served almost 2,900 hours in the neighborhood.
  • 587 group volunteers participated in 58 group events.
  • 188 days of meals were provided by meal delivery volunteers and restaurants.
  • Over 50 volunteers helped make our special events a success by contributing 266 volunteer hours.
  • More than 900 volunteers provided a total of 120,829 volunteer hours valued at more than $3.2 million!

What Volunteers Say About Their Experience at Casa de Esperanza

"Joy enters my heart when I volunteer at Casa."

"Memories are made every week. Reading to a toddler is my favorite activity and getting a hug is always welcome."

"Casa de Esperanza has made a great difference in my life.  The children have taught me so much and I think I am a better person for all of the experiences I have shared over the years."

What our Hands of Hope House Parents Say about Volunteers

 "Every time a volunteer comes through the door, our kids get super excited and yell their name and run to them!"

I love seeing volunteers running around with the kids or putting on dress-up clothes with them."

Volunteer Spotlight

 "I look forward to coming to Casa de Esperanza each week.  Working with kids in foster care can be challenging at times as they adjust to new surroundings.  I enjoy making up new games to entertain the kids, playing dinosaurs, and doing art projects."  Laura, Volunteer