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Triple the Hope
HOPE. That is what your partnership with Casa de Esperanza provides for families who need help turning their lives around and breaking the often-generational cycle of child abuse and neglect. This year, their challenges have been compounded by the COVID-19 pandemic. They need our help now, more than ever, as they navigate unemployment, food insecurity, childcare and education hurdles, and the despair that can set in when one feels alone and helpless. You can help by providing HOPE and a HOME to children and families who need it the most – families such as Sarah and Jonathon whose story is featured here.

You can make a difference and help ensure that Casa de Esperanza is there for the families who need our help. Through December 31st, your dedication to breaking the cycle of abuse will be multiplied through a generous gift to Casa de Esperanza that will match $2 for every $1 donated to the Annual Appeal. Can we count on you to TRIPLE THE HOPE for families such as Sarah and Jonathon?

Your investment in Sarah, Jonathon and their children gives them the one thing they need most…HOPE. You inspire us with your courage to help families when they have nowhere else to go.