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Shelley Starr
Executive Director

Kathy Foster, L.M.S.W
Founder, Associate Director

Ronnie Koehn, Ph.D.
Associate Director

Kathi Gino
Director of Grants and Giving

Susan Molitor

Director of Residential Programs

Eileen Ramos
Director of Finance and Administration

Melissa Simon
Senior Development Director

Leanne Baumel
Development Manager

Chrystal Hamilton-Dorelien, L.M.S.W. 
Manager of Foster Home Development and Data Resources

Kate McKinney, L.M.S.W 
Foster Care and Adoption Placement Manager

Taelor Powell, M.H.S.
Manager of Community Foster Care and Post Adopt Programs

Mary Scalise
Manager of Agency Homes Casework and Family Support Programs
Fort Bend Coordinator

Jordan Chismar 
Coordinator of Personnel and Recruitment

Sarah Mouton 
Marketing and Development Coordinator

Lauren Tobin
Volunteer Coordinator