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Provide Meals

Looking for a fun way to get involved with Casa de Esperanza? Provide the children and House Parents with a meal! Restaurant or home-made meals are welcome.


  •  Monthly deliveries.
  •  Enough food for 9 houses: 40 children and 25 house parents.
  •  Simple foods such as chicken, pizza, pasta, hamburgers, spaghetti, green beans, potatoes, chopped barbeque and/or salad.

This idea was initiated by a high school senior who decided to cook regularly for our houses as a community service project. Now that he has graduated, we are continuing his legacy and are asking the community to help us expand this wonderful program. The children and staff will greatly appreciate your help, and you will be reducing the agency's food costs!

Restaurants or individuals interested in this type of service should contact 713. 529. 0639 or contact our Development on our Contact Us Page

Our Meal Partners