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Partnering with Parents
Casa de Esperanza was founded on the idea that improving the circumstances and challenges of your life is extremely difficult while simultaneously caring for your young children. For 40 years, Casa de Esperanza has been a safe, loving place for families to turn to in times of crisis. We specialize in providing temporary care for children ages newborn to six years old while simultaneously partnering with parents to stabilize their lives. Our goal is to empower parents, strengthen families and ensure children have a safe environment where they can grow and thrive. 

Your child will be staying with a foster family who has been recruited, trained, and licensed by Casa de Esperanza.  Our volunteer foster families are highly motivated to meet your child’s needs. They must clear all background checks and are thoroughly trained to care for children who have to spend some time away from their family. 
You are not required to bring anything for your child.  If you have any documents such as birth certificates, a social security card or number, a health insurance/Medicaid card or number, or immunization records for your children, that is helpful, but you can place your child without those documents. Casa de Esperanza will provide everything else your child may need, such as food, clothing, diapers, toys, etc. 
Your child’s health, safety, and happiness are our top priorities. We will make sure your child receives any needed medical or dental care, and doctor recommended evaluations for speech, physical or occupational therapies. 
One-hour visits are offered every other week and are held in-person at our offices. You will schedule visits with your caseworker, who will also send you updates and photos of your child.   
In a voluntary placement with Casa de Esperanza, you have custody of your child and retain all your parental rights. 
If CPS has taken custody of your child, they can choose to place your child at Casa de Esperanza.  Casa de Esperanza can take care of children in CPS custody.   However, CPS will have temporary custody of your child and make the decisions regarding your child’s placement in foster care, your Plan of Service, and when your child can return home.    
No. If you place your child in voluntary foster care with Casa de Esperanza, you retain your full parental rights and custody.  
We will work with you to get the services you need such as helping you access parenting classes, counseling, substance use treatment, physical or mental health treatment, housing or any other assistance you may need. This will become your Plan of Service.  
No, we are not DFPS or CPS, and we do not have legal custody of your child when you place a child voluntarily with us.  
If DFPS/CPS is involved, we will work with them regarding their recommendations for services. If there is no DFPS involvement, we will work with you to help you achieve the goals on your plan of service so you can stabilize your family.  You and your Casa de Esperanza caseworker will work together to determine when the best time is for your child to return home with you. 
We have continuing services available once you have been reunited with your children. We can still provide assistance, support and referrals to your family after reunification. We follow most families initially for six months to ensure continued stability, but we remain available to you when you need us.