Qualifications & Responsibilities

Minimum Qualifications 

•    At least 21 years of age
•    Minimum of a high school diploma or GED
•    Good general health, with a high energy level
•    Able to lift 35 – 40 pounds
•    Read and speak English proficiently
•    Financial stability
•    Must pass a criminal history and background check
•    Must have an interest in caring for children with special needs resulting from abuse, neglect, or the affects of HIV


•    Provide the highest level of care possible to each child placed in home
•    Participate in the development and implementation of the child’s Plan of Service 
•    Complete pre-placement training
•    Support the children’s primary attachment to biological parents
•    Communicate regularly with the children’s caseworker regarding their welfare
•    Complete 20 hours of ongoing training annually
•    Follow the discipline policy of Casa de Esperanza at all times 

Corporal punishment is never allowed in Casa de Esperanza foster homes. 

Support Services 

•    Training in child development and the emotional, psychological, and developmental needs of abused, neglected and HIV positive children
•    Caseworker support
•    Professional and emotional support from Casa de Esperanza’s staff who are available for consultation and family therapy

P.O. Box 66581
Houston, TX 77266-6581
2911 Corder, Building A
Houston, TX 77054
  Phone: (713) 529-0639
Fax: (713) 529-9179
9am-5pm, Monday-Friday


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