Do foster parents receive financial reimbursement?

Casa de Esperanza does not offer financial reimbursement to families who participate in our foster care program. 

How can I handle the emotional and behavioral challenges of these children?

Casa de Esperanza provides ongoing training to equip families with the necessary skills to provide the best possible care for children with emotional and behavioral challenges.  Our Caseworkers and on-site physiologist are available to offer support, advice and comfort and care for families facing challenges with their children.
Can I choose the child/children I want to foster?

From the moment a family begins the training process; our staff evaluates the strengths of the family and assesses the needs of the children in our care.  We carefully match your family’s strengths with the needs of a child in our care.  While you cannot “hand-pick” the child, you have the right to refuse our selected placement and wait for another child in need.
How long does is the process of becoming a foster/adoptive parent?

The length of the process varies from family to family. Generally it takes three to four months to become a licensed foster home. The process includes:
  • Completing an initial phone screening
  • attending an informational orientation
  • completing the application
  • one-two  informal interviews
  • 40 hours of on-site training
  • participating in a home study

Will I be able to adopt the child in my home?

Casa de Esperanza is primarily a foster care agency.  Children placed in foster homes remain in placement until a permanent placement becomes available.  Adoptions are done only if family reunification is not possible. Casa de Esperanza does not guarantee adoption of any child placed in a foster home.

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