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Programs and Services

While ensuring a safe and loving home for children in placement, Casa de Esperanza provides a comprehensive array of services to meet the medical, psychological, and developmental needs of children in crisis:

The RESIDENTIAL PROGRAM is the heart of Casa de Esperanza and the Casa Neighborhood is the entry point for infants and children ages birth to six years. Staff utilize a trauma-informed, holistic approach to address the full spectrum of needs of each child and their family.

The FOSTER CARE PROGRAM provides a high level of family-based care for our children where they can build social and developmental skills.

FAMILY SUPPORT SERVICES provides case management during the child’s stay for birth parents to access needed treatment and services that will allow them to provide a safe home for their children. Parents are referred to programs including job training and parenting classes. They are also referred to services and providers that help them address physical and mental health and substance abuse issues. THE

The HANDS OF HOPE HOUSE PARENT PROGRAM provides recent college graduates first-hand experience caring for emotionally, behaviorally, and often medically fragile children. Following over 80 hours of training, Hands of Hope House Parents commit a year to live and work with the children in Casa de Esperanza’s neighborhood foster homes.

The AFTERCARE AND OUTREACH PROGRAM provides case management services to families after discharge, typically for one year. Because we want our families to always feel welcome and supported, these services are open-ended, allowing us to help families maintain safety whenever needed.

ADOPTION SERVICES are available in cases where reunification with the biological family is not possible or a parent relinquishes custody of a child in our care. Casa de Esperanza adoptions have been through our Volunteer Community Foster Families.

The POST-ADOPT PROGRAM provides adoptive families with ongoing support, including parent training, referrals for services, and assistance with education and school issues.

CHILDREN’S DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM facilitates mental health and developmental services for children who are or who have been in placement at Casa de Esperanza.