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Programs and Services

Casa de Esperanza’s foster care and family support programs are designed to address the needs of the entire family.  The goal of Casa de Esperanza’s programs is to create a continuum of care for birth parents while children are in a safe and loving home and after families are reunified. 

Foster Care Program

Casa de Esperanza provides foster care in either the Casa Neighborhood or in voluntary community foster homes. Formerly called the Residential Program, the Foster Care Program offers safety and care for children, primarily ages newborn to six years old who are at risk for abuse and neglect. Casa is one of the few child-placing agencies in the region that accepts voluntary placement. Casa de Esperanza has a wealth of resources to offer families, but it is ultimately up to the birth parents to choose placement. Services include:

  • A loving, safe, trauma-informed home with trained caregivers who focus on consistency of care and development of strong attachment skills
  • A Plan of Service that specifically address the child’s physical, emotional and developmental needs, 
  • School-readiness training which supports cognitive, language, social, emotional and physical development for long-term academic success.
  • Medical and developmental evaluations with recommended treatment then obtained.
  • Emphasis on developing a healthy relationship with food with a broad variety of foods available.

Family Support Services

Birth Parent Case Management Services
While children are in our Foster Care program, we offer referral-based case management services for birth parents based on a Plan of Service developed at admission. Services are often hands-on and may include:
  • Case managers may make appointments and secure transportation for psychiatric or substance abuse treatment, 
  • Assist with securing critical documentation
  • Help enroll birth parents in GED classes
  • Help complete applications for low-income housing, Medicaid, SNAP and other services
  • Help identifying and applying for jobs. 

Aftercare (Reunification) Case Management Services
Casa de Esperanza’s goal for all children in our care is reunification with family in a safe and stable home whenever possible. Ideally, when birth parents have accomplished their goals and are able to provide a safe home, children go back to their family. Sometimes children return to live with other relatives like grandparents. The reunified family has the option of continuing and/or receiving case management through our Aftercare program. Aftercare services include:

  • Home visits to ensure the ongoing stability of the home. 
  • Tangible items including food, diapers, clothing, school supplies, and Christmas gifts.
  • Emergency rent or utility assistance.
  • Assistance with applications for benefits including SNAP, TNAF and Medicaid. 
  • Case management and referrals to other Houston non-profits for additional services. 
  • Families may be assisted with transportation for medical appointments or appointments at other social service agencies

Post Permanency Program

One of the main goals of our programs is family reunification in a safe, stable home. Sometimes, despite the efforts of our staff, birth parents, and even other caregivers in a child’s life, reunification is not possible. The Post-Permanency Program works to ensure children have a safe, loving forever home if they cannot reunify with the birth family. The term “Post-Permanency” describes custody arrangements such as adoption, permanent managing conservatorship, and permanent guardianship. Casa de Esperanza Post-Permanency program is available to families as long as they need support. Services include:
Facilitate parent training and support group(s)

  • Distribute pantry items, donated items, gift cards, school supplies, holiday gifts and event tickets
  • Conduct developmental assessments 
  • Advocacy for clients to help them receive accommodations at school, medical interventions and therapies
  • Provide college scholarships
To Inquire About Services or Placement, Please Contact: 
Taelor Powell, Senior Director of Family Services