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Impact Story: Nyla & Nathan
*Names have been changed for client privacy.*
When Brianna and Jordan realized they could no longer care for their two
children or keep them safe, they turned to Casa de Esperanza and voluntarily placed Nyla (one year old) and Nathan (three years old) in our care. Brianna and Jordan both struggled with drug addiction and mental illness. With the help of their Casa caseworkers, they developed a Plan of Service that would help them reach their goal of family reunification and permanency. Meanwhile, Nyla and Nathan thrived in the Casa de Esperanza neighborhood. Nathan went from shy nervous toddler to social butterfly on the playground. Nyla was diagnosed with developmental delays and received the therapy she needed to begin walking and talking. Both children loved easily and were easily loved by everyone in the home, adults and other children alike. After six months, Brianna and Jordan were still struggling, and it was decided that the children would live with Jordan’s parents, Marion and James.

It was clear from the beginning that while they didn’t have many resources, Marion and James loved Nyla and Nathan and were committed to providing them with a safe and stable home. Marion stayed home with the children, ensuring that Nyla continued to get the therapies she needed and showering both with unconditional love. At first Casa de Esperanza frequently helped the family with food, clothing, diapers and other necessities through the Aftercare Program. Over time, James was able to secure steadier employment as a truck driver and they were better able to support the children on their own. While Jordan sees the children regularly and has become a positive influence in their lives, Brianna continues to struggle with addiction and untreated mental illness. Marion and James filed for and received legal custody of the children and are in the process of adopting Nyla and Nathan.

When COVID-19 hit, James was laid off from his job and had trouble finding work. Casa de Esperanza was there to help the family with groceries and accessing additional benefits and stimulus funds. After several months out of work, James found employment as a bus mechanic. However, in order to start work, James needed to provide his own set of hand tools – an expense the family couldn’t afford. James called Casa’s Aftercare Caseworker, andCasa de Esperanza purchased the tools James needed. Now James once again has steady employment with benefits and potential for growth. Marion and James are grateful for the continued support from Casa de Esperanza over the years. James especially appreciates that Casa de Esperanza literally provided him with the tools he needed for his new job - providing not just one-time assistance, but the chance for long-term stability for the family.