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Direct Care Staff
  • Aug
  • 06
  • 2021
About Casa de Esperanza
Casa de Esperanza de los Niños strives to break the cycle of child abuse and neglect for at-risk infants, children, and their families by providing comprehensive residential and family support programs that transform people and communities.  Casa de Esperanza has provided quality residential, medical, and psychological care to infants and young children in crisis due to abuse, neglect or the effects of the HIV virus without charge since 1982.
Primary Purpose of Position:
Direct Care Staff will be responsible for daily care and supervision of the children in the home as well as the overall running of the household.
Reports To:  Residential Programs Supervisor and Residential Training and Staff Coordinator
Minimum Qualifications:
Minimum age of 25 years old
Minimum of High School Diploma or GED
Fluent in written and spoken English
Minimum of two years of previous child care experience
Successful completion all training required by Residential Child Care Licensing and by Casa de Esperanza.  This includes initial training, Behavior Intervention Training, CPR/First Aid & Defensive Driving provided by Casa de Esperanza
Completed Application and References
Cleared Background Check
Valid driver’s license (held for at least two years) is required in order to transport children and operate agency owned vehicles.  Applicants without a driver’s license or those who have not been licensed for at least two years will not be permitted to transport children or operate agency vehicles
Clear pre-employment drug screen; clear random drug screens during employment
Completion of TB Screening
Annual vaccination for Influenza
Remain fully vaccinated against COVID-19
Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
Skills in working with young children, including those children with developmental delays and or complex medical needs
Sound judgement and decision making
Excellent work ethic
Ability to prioritize the needs of the children
Ability to establish and maintain positive relationships with others
Strong communication skills
Empathy for the needs of children in care
Emotional regulation in high stress and high emotion situations
Desire to serve the children in care
Tasks & Responsibilities: 
The tasks and responsibilities specific to this position include, but are not limited to, the following:
1. Provides primary care to infants, toddlers, and young children including: 
a. Feeding, bathing, hair care, diaper changing, holding and carrying of infants and toddlers
b. Responding appropriately to and managing behaviors demonstrated by the children
c. Playing with children
d. Planning, preparing, and serving meals to meet children’s health and nutritional needs
e. Maintaining children’s safety through supervision that is appropriate for the children’s developmental needs
2. Meets the daily emotional needs of children by:
a. Providing consistent daily care, comfort, support, respect, stability, affection, and reassurance
b. Supporting children’s primary attachment to biological parents
c. Promoting children’s skills to develop healthy attachments
3. Manages the household by:
a. Completing household duties including, but not limited to, cooking, cleaning, laundry and maintaining the house, and vehicle 
b. Maintain home in accordance with Residential Child Care Licensing standards and standards of cleanliness set by Casa de Esperanza
4. Meets the daily medical and therapeutic needs of children by:
a. Implementing recommendations made by medical, dental, and therapy professionals
b. Documenting children’s medical and therapy visits and needs
c. Administering medications to children as prescribed
5. Maintains all Standards of Care and documentation within Casa de Esperanza’s policies and Residential Child Care Licensing Guidelines including:
a. Maintaining confidentiality
b. Adhering to Casa de Esperanza policies at all times
c. Accurately completing all house and child-related documentation in a timely manner.  
6. Participates as a team member in the care of the children by:
a. Attending and participating in meetings as a House and/or as a Neighborhood
b. Implementing the children’s Plan of Service
c. Maintaining clear, open and respectful communication with fellow caregivers, Supervisors, Caseworkers, and Administrative Staff 
7. Contributes to the mission of Casa de Esperanza
a. Relating in a positive manner to Weekly Volunteers, volunteer groups, grant committees, and other groups that tour the house
8. Attends an additional 20 hours of Continuing Education Training on an annual basis 
9. Additional responsibilities may be assigned at the discretion of the Residential Programs Supervisor and Residential Training and Staff Coordinator
Assigned Schedule
Casa de Esperanza provides 24-hour residential care. The Direct Care Staff position currently being hired for will be scheduled for an 8 hour shift (either day, afternoon, or awake overnight). 
Physical Demands:
The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job.  
1. Tactile:
a. The employee is constantly required to use hands to handle or feel and arms to reach
b. The employee must have the manual dexterity to draw up and administer oral and topical medications
c. The employee must have the manual dexterity and strength to dress, diaper, bathe, and provide hair care to young children
2. Oral and Auditory:
a. The employee must use oral communication with children and other house parents; use auditory skills to assess and respond to children
3. Physical Agility, Strength, and Stamina:
a. The employee is constantly required to sit, walk, stand, bend, twist, stoop, kneel, crouch, climb stairs, or crawl.
b. The employee must constantly lift/move up to 40 pounds including lifting children; lifting children’s equipment; installing car seats; pushing strollers; and lifting children in and out of highchairs, cribs and vehicles.
c. The employee must have a high energy level and ability to provide care to the children throughout their assigned shift (including remaining awake and alert during overnight).
4. Visual:
a. Specific vision abilities required by this position include close vision, distance vision, color vision, peripheral vision, depth perception, and the ability to adjust focus in order to provide supervision indoors and outdoors, assess the health and safety of children, and administer medications.
5. Reflex Response:
a. The employee must be able to respond rapidly to emergency and/or safety situations
6. Emotional Regulation:
a. The employee must be able to handle high stress situations on a daily basis.
b. The employee must be able to maintain his or her own emotional regulation in response to child’s emotional or behavioral outbursts, tantrums or other behavioral challenges.
7. Combined:
a. The employee must constantly have the mental, attentional, and physical abilities to supervise small children indoors and in outdoor play environments
b. The employee must complete documentation on paper and electronically
Applicants for the Direct Care Staff position will be required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Additional forms of PPE may be required and, if required, will be provided by the employer.
•    Health Insurance
•    Life Insurance
•    10 days paid vacation per year