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Foster Story: The Roberts Family
It takes an exceptional kind of person to open their home and heart to children in crisis. Most of our Community Foster Families come to Casa de Esperanza hoping to expand their own family. Through a rigorous process of becoming licensed as a foster home, they must then seek to be approved for adoption. For over four decades, Casa de Esperanza has facilitated hundreds of successful adoptions to these amazing families. While each volunteer family is unique, periodically we find a truly rare gem in a family that wants to foster for the sake of fostering. The Roberts Family is one of those gems.

Jana Roberts owns a local art studio and began volunteering at Casa de Esperanza in 2020, bringing art classes to The Neighborhood. The Roberts Family has two biological children but is fortunate enough to have the time and space to share their family blessings with Casa.

Jana brings her foster babies to her art studio during the day and has a flexible schedule that allows her to juggle the medical and other needs of Casa children around her own kids’ school schedule. She is dedicated to Casa’s mission and has not missed a support group session yet!

The Roberts family is currently on their fifth foster placement. This rockstar family allows Casa de Esperanza to take on emergency placements when The Neighborhood is at capacity. We are forever grateful to the Roberts family for giving so much of themselves to our Community Foster Program.