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Hands of Hope Intern Highlight
"It’s hard to put parenthood into words, especially as a 21 year-old who, prior to these last few months, had only herself to worry about. It’s hard to describe the intensity of love I feel for each foster child that comes into my care, and it’s definitely hard to describe the heartbreaking nature of their pasts.
But I can describe the resilience. Of the children who come into our care without any language, and leave within the span of a couple months being able to speak for themselves. Of the children who come in without the ability to make attachments, and learn how to love in few short weeks. Of the birth parents, who are often abused, neglected, and products of the system themselves, wanting and working to better their lives and their children’s.
And my fellow foster parents who are all recent college graduates determined to give their whole hearts to these children. I’ve watched them go through the heartbreak of losing a child as they move on to their permanent placement, and then very soon after, welcoming the next child with open arms despite the fact that they’re still mourning. I’ve watched them patiently endure tantrums and caring for sick children, wondering why they ever signed up for this. And I’ve watched them love relentlessly and protect fiercely.
I’m so proud to be a part of an organization that not only provides support for the people suffering from the inequities of our world, but also a mechanism to break the cycle of abuse that seems so hopelessly permanent at times."