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Group Volunteer Application

Phone Number:


Please indicate your areas of volunteer interest:

Conduct a drive for basic need items including toilet paper, paper towels, tissue, garbage bags, food, and diapers. A list of needed items is available.

Deliver home-cooked or purchased meals to some or all homes in our neighborhood. This can be done as a one-time or ongoing project.

Sort donations of food, clothing and other items in our pantry.

Help with landscaping, cleaning the playground, conduct a car wash, or assist with other maintenance needs.

(please describe):



Does your Organization run criminal background checks on all members?

Please note thatCasa de Esperanza reserves the right to run criminal background checks, if necessary.

Is your Group able to provide all supplies needed for this project?

As a Casa de Esperanza Group Volunteer Contact, I agree to:
  1. Maintain strict confidentiality with regard to any and all Casa de Esperanza children. This includes information about or recognition of a child/family.
  2. Not take photos of any child or request a child’s full name or information.
  3. Not write news stories or academic papers without prior written approval of the Volunteer Coordinator. This includes corporate newsletters, in-house publications, and commercial news media.
  4. Follow the guidelines provided to me by the Volunteer Coordinator and other Casa staff.

I understand that all information available to me through my volunteer assignment is confidential and will not be shared with individuals outside of the volunteer projects. By signing below,I am ensuring that all participating persons have been made aware of these guidelines.