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Fostering a Bright Beginning
Foster parenting is a deeply rewarding, albeit challenging, experience that protects children and preserves families. For around 40 years, Casa de Esperanza has been a safe, loving place for families to voluntarily turn to in times of crisis. Our Foster Parents provide temporary care for children ages newborn to six years old while our Parent Support team works with birth parents to refocus their future and secure a safe and healthy environment where their children can thrive. While the average length of placement is approximately 7 months, children may stay until reunification and/or a stable home can be ensured. 

Casa's experienced and compassionate staff provide on-going training and unique 24/7 support to all of our Foster Families. 

Foster In Your Home

Volunteer Community Foster Parents provide safety, stability, and loving care to children in their own homes. Learn More.

Foster In One of Our Homes 

Neighborhood "Family Based Care" Foster Parents live in one of our 10 fully-furnished homes in our gated neighborhood near the Texas Medical Center. They provide immediate safety and nurturing care for children while surrounded by a like-minded and supportive community. This program is the most hands-on foster parenting approach, providing the parents with additional resources and benefits in order to eliminate common barriers to becoming licensed foster parents. Family Based Care Foster Parents can be a single individual who will care for 1-2 children in their home or a couple that will care for 3-4 children in their home. Respite Foster Parents are licensed Family Based Care Foster Parents who provide care during other FBC Foster Parents’ breaks and vacations. Learn More.