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Foster in Our Homes

Foster In Our Homes 

Family Based Care (FBC) Foster Parents live in one of our 10 fully furnished homes in a gated neighborhood near the Texas Medical Center. Living in a neighborhood of foster families allows both the adults and children within the neighborhood to be surrounded by like-minded individuals who are committed to supporting one another. Our primary goal is family reunification. Around 90% of our children are reunited with their birth families! In cases where it is impossible or inappropriate for a child to return to their birth families, Casa de Esperanza works to prepare the child and a prospective foster-to-adopt family for a successful adoption. 

FBC Fostering includes access to program managers and other staff members who have extensive experience in and knowledge of the child welfare system. These staff members can provide support to foster families, helping foster families to stay informed regarding their children’s cases, manage behaviors, and receive additional emotional support.

Family Based Care Foster Parents can be a single individual who will care for 1-2 children in their home or a couple that will care for 3-4 children in their home. Respite Foster Parents are licensed Family Based Care Foster Parents who provide care during other FBC Foster Parents’ breaks and vacations. FBC Foster Parents are responsible for the everyday care of the children placed in their home and for the coordination of all medical, dental, and developmental care needed by the children in their home.  

FBC Foster Parents are employees who make a minimum 12-month commitment. This position comes with vacation and benefits. Minimum age of 25 years old. For couples, a minimum of one year of marriage/committed relationship will be required.



The path to becoming a Family Based Care Foster Parent with Casa de Esperanza.

*The time from Step 1 to Step 4 is typically six months. 
1.  INQUIRE:  Reach out to Darean Talmadge ( or 713-818-0130) and learn more about our program.  Attend an Orientation meeting to learn about the application process and what it is like to provide care in the Casa Neighborhood.

2. APPLY:  The application process includes references, background checks, and interviews.

3. HOMESTUDY:  Complete a homestudy through Casa de Esperanza in which you will have the chance to discuss your unique family strengths and the type of care that you would like to provide.

4.  MOVE IN, TRAIN, AND BEGIN PROVIDING CARE:  Once accepted as an FBC Foster Parent you will join us in our Casa Neighborhood and complete required training.  Our experienced and professional team will equip you with the parenting tools you will need to be ready to begin to provide care.  Throughout your foster parenting journey, our team is available 24/7 to answer questions, address emergencies, and make sure you feel confident in meeting the unique needs of the children in your care.