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Family Support Services

The FAMILY SUPPORT PROGRAMS assist families with the resources they need to provide a safe and stable home for their children.


The CHILDREN'S DEVELOPMENTAL SERVICES assists children in reaching their full potential. In 2018, 2,423 psychological consultations were provided for clients, including children, parents and foster parents.  

The PARENT SUPPORT SERVICES program provides casework services to about 250 family members of the children in placement to obtain services that will allow them to provide a safe home for their children.

The AFTERCARE AND OUTREACH PROGRAM supports families during a child’s transition from placement at Casa de Esperanza back to his/her home and monitors the family reunification process for as long as is necessary to ensure the safety and well-being of the child. 87 families with 172 children received services in 2017.

The ADOPTION PROGRAM licenses families, when reunification with birth families is not possible.  This program has facilitated nearly 380 special needs adoptions, including 28 HIV-positive and 97 HIV-exposed children in the past 36 years.  9 adoptions were finalized in 2018.

The POST-ADOPTION PROGRAM provides educational support, referrals for services and training for families who have adopted through Casa de Esperanza.  198 adoptees in 84 families received post-adoption services in 2018.