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Aftercare and Outreach

Outreach and After-Care ProgramThe AFTERCARE PROGRAM provides case management services to families whose children are not in CPS custody. While case management services are offered for up to one year after discharge, the services are voluntary. Some families may discontinue services before the year is over, and others will continue to need assistance for a longer time. The relationships formed between Casa staff and the families we serve are an invaluable tool for preventing child abuse and neglect. Because we want our families to feel welcome and supported, this program is open-ended, allowing our staff to monitor the family’s risk levels and offer help before anyone gets hurt.

Through this program, our families are provided with referrals for medical, psychological, substance abuse and legal services. They receive assistance with coordinating appointments, obtaining needed medications, and transportation services. It is also through this program that our families can access needed items such as groceries, diapers and formula, back to school supplies, and holiday gifts.

  • 83 families with 171 children and 101 adults received Aftercare services in 2019.
  • 647 Home visits were made. 
  • 61 families were provided with basic needs – food, diapers, etc.
  • 83% of Aftercare families have stable housing

“Something so simple as these items can make such a difference.”
– Sister Patricia Aseltyne, IHM Aftercare Coordinator