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About Us

Casa de Esperanza offers a unique service in the Houston area, providing emergency and voluntary foster placements for infants and young children, up to six years old, without charge to the family or placing agency. Casa is one of the only agencies in Houston able to provide specialized care for infants and young children with complex medical needs and/or exposure to HIV/AIDS. Our comprehensive Family Support Services program is available for families as long as they need us; ensuring children have a permanent stable home. Making a difference for a child means making a difference for the parents, the family, and the community. 

Our Mission

Casa de Esperanza de los Ninos strives to break the cycle of child abuse and neglect for at-risk infants, children and their families by providing comprehensive residential and family support programs that transform people and communities.

Our Vision

Every child deserves a homes that provides safety, health, permanence and hope. 

Our Children

When Casa de Esperanza first opened in 1982, the plan was to provide a safe place for families in crisis to leave their children until the crisis was resolved, at which time the family would take their children home to a safer, more stable environment. Since then Casa de Esperanza has cared for over 6,500 children and their families. Read Our Detailed History. 

Casa de Esperanza provides safety, hope, and a home to children whose families are affected by domestic violence, substance abuse, poverty, homelessness and mental illness. Children ages birth to six years are admitted. Referrals are received from family shelters, hospitals, and Children's Protective Services. Read About Our Programs. 

Our Core Values

Few things are more damaging to a child than not being wanted. It is important for children to know they belong.
We establish and sustain safety through a positive environment, which is vital to a child's mental, physical, and emotional health, development and education.
By forming strong relationships, generational change and healing are possible.
Children who have been abused, neglected, traumatized, homeless, hungry or affected by HIV reach their fullest potential
when they are part of a stable and supportive family. 
Casa de Esperanza’s greatest resources are our relationships with volunteers, donors, volunteer foster families, adoptive families, Hands of Hope House Parents, and staff who open their hearts and change their lives to support the children and families we serve.
We are committed to inspire and teach our community and future generations the value of protecting the most vulnerable.
Services are provided at no cost to our families, through the generosity of our supporters, and without government funding.


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