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   OKRA and Casa de Esperanza invite you to join us at OKRA during the month    of August to Eat, Drink & Give Back! For more information,
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We would like to take a moment and share a success story with you about one of the children
YOU helped make a difference in the life of...


Johnny is a 4-year-old child who spent several months in the Casa de Esperanza Residential Program. 

He came to Casa frightened, hungry, and neglected. One of the hundreds who walk thru our doors scared, with no place to go.  During his time here, our staff worked very hard to make him feel safe and secure while our caseworkers helped his mother. They worked with her to obtain her high school diploma, attend family therapy, find employment and secure a home.  

Today, Johnny is successfully back with his mother and grandmother. Through our Aftercare and Outreach Program we were able to provide the right kind of support to his family so that the cycle of child abuse is broken. 
Thank you for your support. It allows us to continue to help children like Johnny have hope, and a home.


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